Up until now, we all knew it was fall. That's what the calendar says. But the City of Danbury made it official by announcing their 2018 leaf pickup schedule.

Fall is such a nice time of year. Cool days, chilly nights, apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, and Halloween, and of course the beautiful New England fall foliage.

However, when those leaves start to fall, it can be anything but nice. First, you have to rake them, then bag them, then figure out a way to dispose of them. Good news is that as much as you can count on the leaves falling, you can count on the City of Danbury to lend a hand with their annual leaf pickup program.

Here's all the details and some bullet points about the official Danbury leaf pickup schedule:

  • The program begins Oct. 22 and will run through Nov. 30.
  • The program will be divided into two sections of the city.
  • Section A, south of Interstate 84 in zip code 06810.
  • Section B, north of I-84 in zip code 06811.
  • Leaf pickup for the two sections will be collected on alternating weeks.
  • Pickup starts in Section A from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26.
  • Section B pick up will be from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2.
  • This cycle will repeat each week through the end of November.

Here are some minor stipulations and what you can and can't leave out for the city:

The highway department will only collect leaves in leaf bags with no tape. Plastic bags, large debris, grass, tree stumps, rocks, dirt and garbage will not be picked up.

If you have tree branches, and limbs, they must be cut down and not be any larger then four feet, and no branch may be larger then four inches in diameter. All branches must be tied in bundles that don't weigh and more then 35 pounds.

If you're stuck with a lot of debris and branches and you have doubts that the City would pick it up, you can go to Ferris Mulch at 38 Plumtrees Road in Danbury. They will accept leaf bags, tree and organic yard debris "free" for all Danbury residents.

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