You can say that it's a pun that Dan + Shay left me "Speechless" at their show on Friday night at Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, but I truly did leave with no words.

As a frequent concert goer, it is one of my favorite things to watch these newer artists sell out theaters and headline their own tours. I knew right from the start that it was going to be an amazing show when Morgan Evans walked out to open for them. Surprisingly, he had no band. Every sound produced on that stage came right from him. It was intriguing to watch, and awesome for him to hype up the crowd for what was to come.

The second Dan + Shay walked onto the stage, the crowd exploded. Right then and there, you knew it was going to be an amazing show. I personally think the crowd reactions make the show sometimes. If the crowd isn't as energetic as the performer, then there could be room for improvement during the show. The crowd reaction stayed consistent throughout the entire time and it brought such an insane amount of energy into that venue.

What really stuck out to me was how happy and energetic they were the entire time. They took in every single moment of being on that stage. They interacted with the crowd in every way possible. They showed so much appreciation. And they were just genuinely happy. The show happened to fall on International Women's Day. They took time out of their show to bring out every single female on their team and thank them for all of the behind the scenes work they do. You felt that special moment in the audience just as much as those people on stage. It also shows what kind of people they are. Genuinely great humans.

They did their show in "Acts" so it felt like they were telling a story. They sang old songs, new songs, and took you back in time with them. At one point in the show, they reenacted the tent they used to live in, and showed the full circle of their journey. Every aspect literally blew me away.

All in all, this show was WAY above my expectations. And that is coming from someone with already high expectations! They truly made that show a place where every audience member was able to feel like it was the best night of their life, and proved that they are indeed what it means to be a Grammy Awarded Country Duo. Cheers, Dan + Shay! You definitely left this girl speechless..

If you missed them this time around, they will be back this summer at Xfinity Theatre in Hartford opening up for Flordia Georiga Line on July 19th and here's some pictures from throughout the night!

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