Susan Peirez is on forced leave from her job with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s office and her information has been scrubbed from the website of the New York State Council on the Arts; the department for which she worked. A current investigation is underway regarding her status with the state. Why? It looks like she could get canned because of her bad behavior on a Delta Airlines flight from New York City to Syracuse, NY according to CBS News.


You can see in the Indside Edition video below that was captured by another passenger that she swore, threatened a flight attendant’s job, and threw her weight around as an employee of the state. She was then booted from the flight.


Why? All of this happened as Susan waged a temper tantrum because she didn’t want to be seated near a crying baby. The mother of the crying baby caught the episode on video, and it’s since gone viral getting millions of views.

The state has begun an investigation, and she's been placed on leave. Honestly, she looks like the real baby in this video!

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