Just last week, we told you all about how the home of one of the most famous lobster rolls on the entire planet is opening up an indoor location in Connecticut. Well, now the new Lobster Shack is officially open for some delicious business along the Nutmeg State's shoreline.

According to a social media post from the renowned seafood Mecca, customers are welcome to dine at their new location on 3 Cosey Beach Ave. in East Haven as of 11:30 AM Friday, August 9.

Connecticut foodies can sit in air-conditioned comfort with a view of the Sound and enjoy all the mouth-watering seafood, hot dogs, burgers, and clam chowder that the Lobster Shack is known for.

It's certainly no secret that Lobster Shack serves up the very best lobster roll on the East Coast. As previously reported, Lobster Shack's story began when Nick and Arlene Crismale began selling their freshly caught lobster right off the boat on the Branford docks.

Nick would pull in off Long Island Sound, tie up at the dock, cook up his lobsters, pick the meat and his customers would wait in line for the freshest lobster roll in New England. As word spread and the Lobster Shack made national lists for the best lobster rolls, it simply became too popular to sell his lobsters off the docks.

The Crismales seized the opportunity to move their Lobster Shack indoors to a new location on the beach in East Haven. Their steady customers have been literally chomping at the bit, waiting for them to open, but the time is now.

Would you just look at this buttery pile of lobster heaven -- I can almost taste it. I would have never guessed that it was possible for me to be jealous of a piece of aluminum foil:

Photo Credit - Lobster Shack via Facebook
Photo Credit - Lobster Shack FB Page...

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