According to Home Snacks, CT's Most sought after Christmas gift for 2020 is a patio heater. The web magazine analyzed data from Google Trends to find the most popular gifts in each state for this year and Nutmeg State is nutty about having warm feet.

In the study, we found out that most of the nation was seeking tech gifts and that Playstation 5 was the most popular gift in America. What did our neighbors want? New York wanted North Face boots and New Jersey was seeking the new IPhone 12.

Home Snacks
Home Snacks

We had, by far the most odd and specific gift in America. On the one hand, I get it, COVID-19 has us looking for new ways to entertain ourselves at home. It's nice to get outside and recreate in the backyard.

On the other hand, how spoiled can you be? We are now known as the State that will not tolerate cold feet under any circumstances. This is the most CT information I've read all year and it does little to counter some of the stereotypes about us.

Now, I go back to the first hand, at least we want to get outside and do something in open air instead of sitting on our asses playing Assassins Creed or Cyberpunk. I'd rather sip on some wine booze on the patio with warm wheels than waste my day committing digital crimes.

P.S. What the hell Florida? They are the only state in the nation whose favorite gift for 2020 is the "Simpl Dimpl." These are what's referred to as "fidget toys" much like the fidget spinner that became a viral sensation a few years back. They are marketed for children but you know it's not the kids in Florida that need these. Florida you say?  

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