A Bridgeport woman has suffered serious injuries as a result of accidentally lighting a quarter stick of dynamite, thinking it was a candle.

The 30-year-old is recovering from wounds on her face and hands, according to NBC Connecticut TV News. This happened Thursday night following a power outage in her neighborhood caused by thunderstorms.

In the darkness, the woman remembered that there were candles in a drawer in the basement left behind by the home's previous owners. When she lit the dynamite, there was an explosion that blew out a window and not only injured her face, but damaged her hand so badly, that she lost fingers. She was taken from her Lindley Street home, to Bridgeport Hospital, and later Yale-New Haven Hospital for treatment. Her husband and two children were not hurt.

The street had to be evacutated for safety by police and fire authorities. Initially, the family intended to buy storm supplies at Home Depot, but the store was closed and sadly, the woman thought she would use the items in the basement instead.

Police and fire authorities urge families to have a disaster preparedness kit ready at all times.

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