In an unprecedented move to try and halt the state's gas prices from continuing to rise, Republicans in Hartford are calling for the suspension of the state's gas tax.

We all see what's happening at the pump, and you know the prices are going to continue to climb. With Memorial Day coming soon, and we all know that usually signals a rise in gas prices anyway, Connecticut Republican lawmakers are trying a preemptive strike and calling for the state's gas tax to temporarily be suspended.

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In the last few weeks, gas prices in Connecticut have risen sharply, almost 30 cents a gallon, and if you couple that with the current federal gas tax at 18.4 cents a gallon here in the state, you've got a pretty scary number.

This is why Republican leaders are calling on state lawmakers to adopt this proposal immediately during the legislative session scheduled for Wednesday, March 16. The lawmakers will also seek to adopt language to require that suppliers and retailers pass on the reduction in taxes to consumers.

According to, if lawmakers are successful in halting the gas tax here in the state, residents will immediately save almost 45 cents a gallon at the pumps.

As we all know, it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet. If you couple the gas prices with almost 8 percent inflation, families are really struggling and since Connecticut has a surplus in revenue collected from tax payers due to inflation, this bill to suspend the state gas tax would for the most part be totally covered by the surplus.

As one Connecticut Republican leader said, "This is a no-brainer that will provide immediate relief when families need it most.”

Local State Representative Bill Buckbee from New Milford posted this recently on his State Rep Facebook page:

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