Ask a stray kitty in Hartford, CT and they'll tell you that 76-year-old Willie Ortiz is the Cat's Meow.

No matter what the weather is, Ortiz gets into his minivan which he has loaded with cat food at about 7:00pm. reports that he then makes his rounds to several stray cat colonies around Hartford. He is greeted by many feline friends who wait for him each evening. Willie Ortiz has never missed a day in 22 years! If that wasn't enough to impress you, he also makes sure that these cats get veterinary care and helps to keep the feral community's numbers down by trapping, spaying and neutering any newcomers. How does he pay for all of this?

Willie is a scrap metal worker who spends his days collecting and selling scrap metal.

It is truly a story about an angel on earth. From the first time Willie Ortiz saw people pushing away a hungry stray cat that was begging for food way back in 1995, he vowed that he would help homeless cats so that they would never know hunger.

He currently visits 68 kitties every night in 16 different colonies of stray and feral cats. Would you like to help? Click here for the GoFundMe page which has been set up to help with the costs of caring for Willie Ortiz's feline friends. I just did! =^..^=

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