Will they or won't they help? That's the inevitable question isn't it in regards to tolls.

Taxes. A sad and ever increasing fact of life. Depending on where you live, your paycheck and income is shrinking more than any potential raise can make up for.

Highway tolls were removed from Connecticut state roads back in the 80's. According to wtnh.com the discussion of bringing them back is far from over.

The Connecticut Legislature today will take up the issue of highway tolls. The Transportation Committee is meeting to decide whether to hold a public hearing on a bill that would establish an electronic tolling system.

Rep. Tony Guerrera told WTNH:

All other states up the northeast corridor have tolling. Connecticut is the only one who doesn’t have it

But  Senator Toni Boucher, who is the Republican co-chair of the Transportation Committee had this to say to wtnh.com 

What I’m hearing is no tolls, no how. They’re already taxed too much. This is a tax on our residents that have to get to work

Like I said, this debate is hot, the state wants more money, buckle up for a long ride.

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