This story truly topped off my Thanksgiving weekend in the sweetest of ways. A few days before the holiday, a homeless man from New Haven, found an envelope with a $10,000 check in it on the street according to NBC Connecticut TV.


The check was made out to the owner of Outreach Realty Services. After Google searching her, the homeless man Elmer Alvarez, called the owner, and met her to return the check.


She, thanked Elmer on Facebook, which started a chain reaction among her friends and others who prompted her to take her gratitude to another level. It turns out that she, Roberta Hoskie, at one time had been homeless as well.


Elmer was surprised as a reward with six months of paid housing, English language training, transportation to and from career education and counseling and more. She even provided help for Alvarez’ girlfriend. He was so overcome with the unexpected gifts, he was moved to tears. Roberta's only request of Elmer was that he pay it forward!


It’s just a beautiful story for the holiday season or any season.

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