Okay Harry Potter lovers around our area - we are really in for a treat. Usually to experience the magic anywhere close to us, we were taking a trip to Universal Studios in Florida and taking a walk through Harry Potter world. Luckily, we can experience some amazing things that don't include a plane or even that much travel time.

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A little while back, I wrote an article about the Magic Wand Shop called OrchardWorks that's located right here in Connecticut. The inspiration came from the wand shop in the original movies - "Ollivanders" and they offer amazing hand made wands. You can pick your own wand or who knows, maybe the wand will pick you.

Ed Bareiss

Cava Restaurant in Southington also announced that they created a "Wizard Dining Room" for the time being.

The dining room makes it feel as if you're right in a movie. I checked out the room a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing to see. In one of their posts, they described the room by saying "it will transport you to a world of magic while dining under 700 floating candles". They aren't wrong. I definitely felt the magic while dining in there. I was able to snap a few pictures from where we were. Leading into the dining room they had a little "alley" with Harry Potter displays, and then it opened up into the magic the dining room had to offer.

Melissa Martino
Melissa Martino

I have to say, they really nailed it. Now these are some Harry Potter experiences that I know of in Connecticut. If there are more, please by all means, let me know so we can share the wealth with others.

But, I also just saw some exciting news that I thought all of my other fellow Harry Potter lovers would appreciate. If you want to take a mini day trip but don't want to travel too far, we still have some options.

Harry Potter New York announced that they are "the world's only Harry Potter flagship store" and they are opening on June 3.

There is so much to experience here that i'm already kind of overwhelmed. The store will be located at 935 Broadway and spans 3 floors and over 20,000 square feet, according to their website. The store will offer multiple different photo ops, personalization, Harry Potter merchandise, wands inspired by characters, locations, and props, treats inspired by Honeydukes, and so much more. If you want to take your experience one step further, you're in the right place.

On top of that, Harry Potter New York just announced even more exciting news. On June 3, they will officially be opening a Butterbeer Bar as well. You can get draft Butterbeer, Butterbeer ice cream, or bottled Butterbeer.

The experiences keep expanding and the excitement continues! I will never get sick of this stuff, and I know some of you won't either. The few that roll your eyes over Harry Potter, I apologize. But also not really. Jump on board - there's magic to experience!

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