Have you ever taken a Metro North train out of the Naugatuck Valley? I have, and it's ok, but I typically drive to Southeast and catch the train into the City there. I've also driven down to the Connecticut shoreline and hopped on in Bridgeport and Southport. Why? As a Waterbury resident who has access to the rail a few miles from my house? Convenience.

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I don't want to transfer in Bridgeport, and honestly, there are more trains available if I make the short trip to the direct lines. Many have complained about this situation over the decades, and Governor Ned Lamont is trying to address the situation.

According to a press release we just received from the Office of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, the Waterbury Branch of Metro North's train service is about to be transformed from a 27 mile long single track service, into a two track  two way rail service by next Summer (2022).


The Waterbury Branch has 6 train stations - Waterbury, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour, Ansonia, and Derby. By adding the second track, train services will increase on the Waterbury branch to 22 trains each weekday, by Summer 2022.

According to Governor Lamont, the Waterbury Branch upgrade will be funded by $1.23 Million dollars in state funding, which will be matched with money from the Federal Infrastructure Investment and jobs Act, which passed in Congress just last week.

Governor Lamont said -

"I have been laser-focused on improving rail and transportation throughout the state since I came into office, and the Waterbury Branch is a prime example of infrastructure in the state that needs significant upgrades. We are building a transportation system that will lead to more jobs, economic growth, and more money in people's pockets. Next, the Federal infrastructure bill is going to put a historic amount of money into our state to support new roads, bridges, rail, and public transit. It's going to put people back to work, and it's going to get our state moving again."

Connecticut is set to receive $5.38 billion dollars over the next 5 years from the Federal infrastructure bill.

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