This creep-fest of an abandoned home somewhere in Connecticut is scheduled to be demolished to make way for some type of commerce park, according to the Imaginary Friends Adventure Club YouTube video.

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At first, this abandoned home appeared to be like all the rest with the usual household items sprawled about amongst the dust, dirt, and clutter. But, when our video explorer entered the basement, that's when the weirdness began.

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In the 1980's, New York's Hudson Valley was a magnet for UFOs. I should rephrase for the non-believers, the Hudson Valley was home to thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects. This trend wasn't just taking place in New York, Connecticut also had it's fair share of incidents with the most notable coming in 1987. What you're about to read really happened here in CT and it terrified hundreds of people who were left wondering what they had seen.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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