What's the craziest thing your smartphone has survived?

If you've started to read this and made it through the 4th of July weekend with your smartphone in tact, consider yourself lucky! Why?

Well the folks at tech insurance company Asurion claim that July 4th is the most dangerous day of the year for smartphones, they say smartphone damage increases by 37% on Independence Day. With that in mind, what's the craziest thing your smartphone has survived? Has it been to hell and back and still worked?

Jess told us that she's had a few smartphone adventures that she could remember, including leaving her phone on top of her car and driving from Poughkeepsie to Fishkill. She said she put a bunch of stuff on the roof before she got in the car and as she got into the car she thought she grabbed everything before she took off. She thought!! Fast forward from Poughkeepsie down route 9 to Fishkill when a fellow driver waved her window down and told her that her phone was still on the roof. She reached up and grabbed it without any damage. It survived!!!

Sunny from Pleasant Valley texted us, "Cellphone survival story. Lost my phone in a horse paddock bringing the horses in during a blizzard. Several moths later after the spring melt I found it. After a week in a bag of rice I Charged it up & it worked. Was able to download photos to my new phone."

Linda called us and told us that when she was at a zoo a few years ago, she dropped her phone in the Meerkat exhibit while she was leaning over the barrier to get the perfect picture. She said the meerkat's ran over to her phone and tried to pick it up and take it away...LOL! The zoo staff did wind up getting one of the "grabber" things and got her phone out unharmed.

If you have a smartphone survival story, we'd love to hear it. Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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