Something called a Coywolf, which is a hybrid of a Coyote and a Wolf, has been spotted in the Hudson Valley, notably in the Northern NYC suburbs. In turn, a warning was put out last week about a large animal lurking in Rockland County according to CBS News 2, New York. after that a plumber in the Rockland County town of Congers, witness one and took video of a 'Coywolf' that appeared to pose a danger to residents of a condo community.  “It looks larger than your average coyote,” he told CBS New York.


They also cited that a woman was taking out her trash as the man was recording the video and the Coywolf was following her back to her driveway. Police warn that in light of this, pets should be leashed for their safety, and cats kept inside as a precaution. Making noises will work to chase them away for example: the banging and clanging of pots and pans.


Philly Voice reported that there were about 20 Coywolves living in New York City specifically the Bronx, when they reported about this back in November of 2015.


Residents around the Rockland County hamlet were warned not to feed the wild animals, as National Geographic reveals they are known to have a voracious appetite, and can devour almost anything including shoe leather! Residents are reminded not to feed wild animals. If you see one, call the police and they will contact a licensed trapper.

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