Reality television has become a permanent staple of American life. Everybody pretends to disdain it, but let's face it -- somebody must be tuning in, or reality TV wouldn't have taken over the airwaves in such a big way.

Nashville is no stranger to the small screen: Stars such as Trace Adkins and John Rich have competed on Celebrity Apprentice, while Kellie Pickler took home the mirror-ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars and now has her own reality TV showCraig Morgan, meanwhile, hosts a show called All Access Outdoors, and quite a few others have allowed television cameras into their lives..

Which of the following country stars would you like to see star in their very own reality show -- not competing in a group or making an appearance, but as the focus of a docu-series that follows them in their day-to-day real lives?

Vote as often as once an hour, and if there's someone else you'd rather see, let us know in the comments section!

Country Stars Who Have Acted in TV Shows and Movies

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