I was working on some music this morning for KICKS 105.5 and I wanted to get a little more of a personal view of the sound, if that makes any sense at all. How do you do that? Watch the star's video on the song.

One of the new songs that has intrigued me is Chris Lane's "For Her". I opened GOOGLE and, well, I googled it. Up pops the music video. As I clicked play, I saw that this was much different. It starts out with a disclaimer that there are no actors used in the video. Chris Lane then explains that he did not want to make up a love story for the video of this song but rather a real life, true love story.

As it unfolds, Connie, the unsuspecting fiance' to be, thinks that her friend, Tara, has won a radio contest of exclusive VIP passes to the making of Chris Lane's new music video and tells Connie to invite her boyfriend, Brandon. With the engagement ring tucked away and a very unsuspecting woman, they are all able to pull off an amazing surprise proposal.

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