Whats it like to camp at the Taste of Country Music Festival? Today, I take you on a behind the scenes tour:

You've seen all the on-stage pictures, the crowds, the fans on the chair lifts, and the food court shots. Now, we take you where few have gone before. It's luxury living and culinary delights -- not.

The video above is a Kicks 105.5 exclusive, behind the scenes look at how the real country fans party. Those who spend three days having the time of their lives.

So next time you come to the Taste of Country Music Festival and you're thinking about staying at one of those 5-star hotels with air conditioning, hot tub, pool, and spa, resist the temptation and go for it. Try the camp ground life. These people really know how to have a blast.

Bonus Video: Shotgun a Beer and Win!

BONUS VIDEO: What's a Cone Shot?

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