I know that buffet-style dining isn't popular during a pandemic, but for duck's sake (thank you autocorrect), can we get an all-you-can eat seafood buffet in Connecticut?

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Remember Custy's in North Stonington? It closed down in 2010, but for a brief moment in time, Connecticut actually had some competition for Nordic Lodge. Nordic Lodge has re-branded, it's now known as The Nordic. It's a seasonal, all-you-can eat buffet restaurant, legendary for its inclusion of seafood items as part of your choices. The Nordic is located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, around a two hour trip from Western Connecticut. Let me tell you something, it's not easy to drive back after inhaling 5 lobsters, 38 littlenecks & steamers, a pile of calamari, 28 shrimp cocktail, 12 PEI mussels, prime rib and a salad, but I did it. Can someone please build one closer?

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We have some of the best oysters in the world, why can't Connecticut get it together and keep the hungriest of seafood lovers in-state? We put on oyster festivals in Norwalk and Milford, we're slowly being invaded by Southern-style and Asian crab-boil restaurants, but no one has the ambition to get us to spend $135 for eating $50 in seafood over two hours? Two hours goes by so fast, and most diners give up after two chix lobsters.

$135 is what it will cost for 2 hours at The Nordic when they reopen in 2023. Hey Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods - Open up a Nordic-style buffet, or better yet, resurrect Custy's. Great Wolf Lodge and Custy's sounds like a winning combo.

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