Following Amazon's recent move into Whole Foods markets with their purchase of the chain, they now seem to be looking into picking up even more brick and mortar locations.

Bloomberg tells us that Amazon could be buying up the storefront locations of some the Toys 'R' Us stores left by the future closure of the retailer.

Industry insiders say that if Amazon made this purchase, they wouldn’t keep the brand name Toys ‘R Us in the same way that they now operate the Whole Foods Brand. They would use some of the locations for Amazon stores.

The locations would be rebranded as Amazon Stores, giving the consumer a chance to pick up and return purchases, and even see products in person.

Bloomberg says amazon wants to increase their presence around the country. One could argue that Danbury would be a logical an ideal choice for an Amazon store, since they’re already doing business in the region with our Whole Foods Market. What do you think?

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