Just days after Governor Ned Lamont announced that phase two of the Connecticut reopening plan is going to be bumped up to June 17, the state has released a comprehensive set of guidelines for the business getting set to open up.

Under the next phase of reopening, which follows the launch of the initial phases of the plan back on May 20 and June 1, the following types of businesses will be allowed to be back in action under a very strict set of guidelines. Click the name of each respective category for its specific rules set by the state:

As with the previous phase, Gov. Lamont said ordered that any businesses under the categories listed above who choose to open are required to go through a self-certification process. Eligible companies can begin the self-certification process on Monday, June 8.

According to the State of Connecticut, the broad strokes of the measures businesses will have to abide by include the following.

  • Capacity limit of 50% for most businesses that reopen.
  • Strict cleaning and disinfection protocols in all settings.
  • Those who can work from home should continue to do so.
  • Those in high-risk groups (comorbidities) and over the age of 65 should continue to stay safe and stay home.
  • Facemasks should continue to be worn in public at all times.
  • Social gatherings will be restricted in accordance to the Governor's executive order.

Along with the guidelines, the Office of Gov. Lamont noted that as progress on their defined set of public health metrics is made, the safeguards in place can begin to loosen. This will then allow for the next set of businesses to open and potentially for businesses already open to operate with additional leeway.

One of the most notable aspects of phase two reopening is the ability for certain types of outdoor events to be held and the fact that restaurants can begin to allow restricted indoor seating. 

The indoor dining guidelines come less than one week after hundreds of restaurants that make up the Connecticut Restaurant Association signed a petition, begging for an accelerated opening for indoor dining.

"While these rules provide a way for restaurants to reopen in as safe a manner as possible, risks to customers and employees cannot be fully mitigated, "said Connecticut officials. "Customers who choose to visit restaurants during this time should be fully aware of potential risks. Individuals over the age of 65 or with other health conditions should not visit restaurants, but instead continue to stay home and stay safe."

In regards to the scope of outdoor events that will be allowed to take place, the state said that an exact purpose of the event must be defined, it must take place on a specific date, within a specific range of times.

Officials said, "As Connecticut enters Phase 2, the state wants to enable its citizens to enjoy quality time outdoors. Such activities must be undertaken only after prioritizing the health and safety of attendees and employees. It is the cumulative effects gained from social distancing, hand washing, and mask-wearing that will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please keep that in mind as you plan and execute your event."

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