While we may not be in for snow again for a few days (whew!), when we do get it, there’s a new on-demand snow plowing app designed by a service based out of Ridgefield, Connecticut that can help if you’re not up to the job of digging yourself out.

SnoHub, lauched in Connecticut in 2016, is similar to Uber and Lyft in the way it operates. This year, it expanded services to New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany, Providence, and Rochester, with plans to go national.

It’s an app that asks what you need cleared or plowed. In my opinion, it's genius. It works giving you an estimate similar to ride sharing apps matching your needs to a snow plow or shoveling service.

For example, if you’re taking a vacation, and must keep your property shoveled by town ordinance as I do with my townhouse, this is perfect because you can remotely arrange to clear your walkways and driveway in minutes.

Maybe you have a distant, infirmed or elderly friend who needs help, and you can’t get to them because of a storm. You can use your SnoHub app to clear their walkway from wherever you are.

Upon checking their Facebook page, I saw that they are still working some of the kinks out of the system. But remember way back when, Uber had issues starting out, and even Amazon had some troubles back in the day. I say it's worth a try if you want to give your back a break the next time it snows.

You can download the SnoHub app from theApple Store or from Google Play.

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