I've come to realize that I write a lot about ice cream. I mean why not? It's summer, it's good and it's something so many of us can agree on. Maybe not the flavors, but the brand and the quality? Sure.

In the beginning of the month, I wrote about how all of our favorite local ice cream parlors were opening for the season. We're spoiled with Rich Farms and Ferris Acres being right here in our backyard. When it comes to local brands, I will always say those are the best.

I also just previously wrote about how the worst ice cream brand is sold all over Connecticut. You can learn more about that right here. For now, I want to get into the positives. What is Connecticut's favorite ice cream brand?

Trace One did an experiment to figure out which brand of ice cream was most popular in each state. They gathered the data by analyzing Google Trends data for a 12-month period that ended in April.

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The brand that took Connecticut's interest was Ben & Jerry's. To me, that was an obvious one. There are so many flavors, it's so good and the headquarters is not far away from us. What I find interesting is the only states to have Ben & Jerry's as their top brand are all of our northeastern states. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. And then funny enough, North Dakota as well.

Is Ben & Jerry's not well known around the country? I never really thought about it. We're lucky to get to experience that ice cream on the regular since it's so close to us. You have every flavor you can think of, all of the yummy stuff inside each flavor, gluten free options, dairy free options, ice cream for your dog and so much more. It's a superior national brand when it comes to ice cream.

I'm satisfied with our brand. Would you have chosen something different? Let me know. If you'd like to see the full study, you can take a look here.

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