Being the resident Crazy Cat Lady, I love all things "meow". Fisher cats are not on that list. They are actually a member of the weasel family. They don't even meow! that there has been many more sightings of these creatures lately. I have to show you this quote directly from that source because, wow, just wow:

...these creatures are downright violent.  They’ve been described as mini-Satans due to their aggressive nature and bone chilling howls.


They go on to say that because they are in the weasel family (see? I told you they weren't cats!) they not only have very sharp teeth and claws, they also have very "nasty attitudes". They attack, yes I said "attack!", at night and warns to keep close watch on pets and children outdoors at night. Nothing is safe from a fisher cat out at night as they will attack just about anything.

I'm going home, shutting all my doors and windows and pulling a blanket over me, Prada, Mole' Olay and Ollie.

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