Police say that two children in Connecticut had THC gummies dropped into their trick or treat bag.

The incident took place in Waterford, CT located in New London County. A Waterford Police statement says that two children, both under the age of 18, had each been given a sealed bag of a "gummy" kind of candy.

When the parents checked all of their Halloween candy, police say they found 10 gummies in each bag which were labeled THC level of 10 mg per gummy.

Neither of the kids ate any of the candy, so there were no injuries reported. Waterford police say officers went from house to house in the Gallup Lane neighborhood, but have not yet turned up any clues regarding who or where the candy came from or if it was an intentional act or something that happened accidentally.

As the investigation into this matter continues, police made it a pint to mention that they "do not believe this to a wide spread problem nor do we have information to believe it was a targeted toward anyone or any group."

This is a perfect example of why every parent should inspect their child's Halloween candy. This incident follows a separate one in which a Waterbury man was arrested for allegedly handing out razor blades with Halloween candy.

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