How many times have you gotten a call and you knew from the start it was a phone solicitor, or a phone scam? Well, this latest scam happening in Connecticut may even fool the most savvy people.

The Connecticut State Police have learned that the State Police name is being used in an attempt to fraudulently obtain money from victims.

Here's how this latest scam works: A victim is contacted by an unknown person claiming that a personal check written by the victim, made payable to the Connecticut State Police, bounced. The unknown person even provides the victim a “case number” and informs the victim that payment was now owed for the “bounced check.”

The Connecticut State Police offer these helpful tips should you receive a call of this nature:

  • If you did not write a check to the Connecticut State Police, do not provide any information and hang up.
  • If you did write a check, do not provide any information and hang up, then directly contact the unit you would have written the check to and confirm the status of your check. Some of the units include, but are not limited to, Connecticut State Police Reports & Records, Fingerprints, Criminal Records (background check) or the Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (pistol permits & guard cards).
  • Do not call any phone numbers provided by the scammer.
  • Do not visit any websites provided by the scammer.
  • Do not send emails to email addresses provided by the scammer.
  • Do not provide credit/debit card information, bank account information, purchase money cards/gift cards and provide the card and PIN number, or wire money.

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