If you're going to party on Super Bowl Sunday, you need to have this information.

Regardless of who you're rooting for in the big game, Super Bowl parties rule. I already have my squares bought and I feel some moolah in my future. I know, good luck with that Pam. But I am ready for a great party. However I only have to walk about 25 steps to get to where it is, no driving involved. That said, I want to warn you about the fact that the Connecticut State Police are planning an aggressive enforcement effort on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here's the posting from the Connecticut State Police Facebook page

Stay safe. Use a designated driver, taxi, or even Uber and Lyft. Nobody needs to have their team lose, and get then get popped by the police on the way home. That, my friends, is just an awful way to end the festivities, aside from being a danger to yourself and others out on the road.

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