As of today, June 17, Connecticut's bill for recreational marijuana officially passed on the senate level.

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We wrote an article this morning explaining that the House of Representatives passed the bill last night 76-62 after a long seven hour debate. Governor Lamont had threatened to veto the bill after the Senate added in an amendment he did not agree with. After the bill was moved to the Senate this morning, it passed on a 16-11 vote.

Governor Lamont spoke out today regarding the final approval from Connecticut lawmakers stating that he worked hard with partners in legislature and other stakeholders to "create a comprehensive framework for a securely regulated market that prioritizes public health, public safety, social justice and equity. It will help eliminate the dangerous unregulated market and support a new, growing sector of our economy which will create jobs."

He noted that the states surrounding Connecticut already have, or soon will have legal adult-use markets and that this keeps our state economically competitive with our neighboring states. Lamont concluded his statement by saying "I look forward to signing the bill and moving beyond this terrible period of incarceration and injustice."

Governor Lamont will sign the bill when it is transmitted to his office.

It is reported that now that the senate has passed the bill as of today, the earliest Connecticut would see recreational marijuana sales would be May of 2022.

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