Everyone has a "Covid Story" when it comes to not only the virus itself, but with their jobs and how they were affected. I had only been living here in the Northeast for about a year and my part-time radio gig that I was progressing nicely in, evaporated into thin air. I was definitely not considered an "essential worker" yet by that particular broadcasting company.

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So, if you were an "essential worker" and continued working at your job throughout the pandemic, the state of Connecticut may have some cash for you. Hold your horses though, even if you qualify, your payment won't make it to your hands till early 2023, but if you are like me, it all helps.

Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Lots of articles out there about the "Hero Pay" Program in Connecticut that just came online this week and applications are being taken. According to NBC CT, if you are an eligible private-sector essential worker you can receive up to $1000 in pandemic pay. Here's how it breaks down:

Are You Eligible to Apply?

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You were employed as an essential worker in Connecticut between March 10, 2020 and May 7, 2022
  • You were not able to work from home
  • You were not employed by a federal, state or municipal government agency
  • You earned $149,999 or less

A link is available on the Premium Pay Program website.

How Payments are Calculated

Full-Time Employees:

  • $1,000 if you earned less than $100,000
  • $800 if you earned between $100,000 and $109,999
  • $600 if you earned between $110,000 and $119,999
  • $400 if you earned between $120,000 and $129,999
  • $200 if you earned between $130,000 and $149,999

Part-Time Employees:

  • $500

Note: If the amount in the Connecticut premium pay account is not sufficient to fully fund all approved applicants according to this formula, then all approved applicants' payments shall be reduced proportionally.

Get that application in today and maybe in 2023, you can buy that new TV or Xbox. Thanks for hanging out and see you next time.

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