Are you looking for love? The internet has made it a lot easier than going to a bar night after night or getting fixed up by one of your friends.

But, is it really easier? Swipe left. Swipe right. Someone winked at you. Someone smiled at you. Update your profile. Answer these 500 questions. It can be maddening!

Once you get passed all of that, then what? How safe is online dating in Connecticut? has put together a list of The Safest and Most Dangerous States for Online Dating. It looks like they didn't leave anything out of their safety rankings. There are several statistical lists based on violent crime, sexually transmitted diseases and cyber crime with comparisons to population.

You can check out the whole report by clicking here, but to sum up, Vermont is the safest. Connecticut came in at number eight, and you probably don't want to swipe right in the state of New York, because they landed 31st on the list. Alaska has the distinction of the Most Dangerous State for Online Dating.

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