It's one of the most common complaints of all time. Sitting in line at the Connecticut DMV waiting for your driver's license photo to be taken and there's 73 people ahead of you, even at 8 AM on a Tuesday.

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Well guess what? The Coronavirus is changing the way we do things there too. As we've realized now, sitting together in groups in enclosed places and breathing each other's air is bad and there's only so much space inside Connecticut Municipal buildings to safely socially distance. The times are once again changing, and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced yesterday that the state has already launched new services at the Department of Motor Vehicles that will allow residents to renew their driver's licenses and non-driver ID cards online.

According to the statement from the Governor, the new online renewal option is already being offered to Connecticut residents whose driver's license or non-driver ID expired within the last 45 days. Over the past month and a half, 20,000 Connecticut residents have renewed online, sparing them the visit and the wait in a public space at a DMV office.

Eligible Connecticut residents will receive a renewal notice by mail or e-mail in the future to renew and pay for your new license online and you will receive that new license in the mail within 20 days.

Now, the question that popped into my head immediately was, are we going to have to take a selfie with our cellphone camera and submit it for the license photo? If you're one of the lucky 20,000 Connecticut online renewers, I'd love to hear how that works.

If you'd like to read more about the services that the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles offer, click HERE

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