A mobile charcuterie business? Absolutely genius.

Charcuterie boards are so in right now. Your meat, cheese, crackers, veggies, spreads, you name it. They are a staple to many parties and are such an easy thing to snack on. My friends and I always make sure to make a nice charcuterie spread anytime we are together. It's just automatically part of the plan.

Restaurants now often have charcuterie boards on their menus for apps and you see the trend popping up more and more. A TikTok trend has even come about where girls have "board parties" where each person brings a different board and you now do not have to worry about food for the night.

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I came across a video on Facebook that I thought was absolutely genius. It was a guy who was filming his wife who had created a mobile charcuterie board business in a park. She had a spread out and would put together a mini plate for people who were around. If you ask me that is so smart. Here's a look at the video:

Imagine hanging out at Tarrywile Park on a beautiful day and someone has a charcuterie stand out there for you? Honestly that sounds amazing. We have ice cream trucks that drive around - why not have charcuterie trucks or stands too?

This person is really on to something and I applaud them for their creativity. The idea is out there for you now - can someone in Connecticut please take the jump and do this? I feel like you'd be really successful and I won't even take the credit for it.

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