Money, money, money!

Easter is right around the corner. The time of renewal and faith. The time to get together with family and friends and watch the joy of your kids ripping into their Easter basket, and tearing across the lawn for the always popular Easter egg hunt.

Tell the truth, you love digging into the basket too, maybe sneaking one of the chocolate bunnies. Get your sugar fix this weekend, because the state of Connecticut may dig deeper into your wallet over your sugar desire.

According to a big hearing about taxing soda and more took place this week in Hartford. Connecticut lawmakers are once again taking a hard look at putting a tax on sugary sodas and other sweetened beverages.

The impetuous for the reemerging discussion all across the country is seemingly now health related. Legislators say they are looking at the ongoing epidemic of childhood obesity and other health issues. So even though it's been a battle before as people balked at government meddling, there is no denying we have a problem with obesity in our country.

The Hartford Courant article points out that the measure being discussed in Connecticut requires the money raised by the one-cent-per-ounce tax be dedicated to health-related education and outreach programs. If that became reality, could it make a difference for the health and well being of generations to come?

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