Here's a time when all was right in the universe for one man.

For most people, this moment in time would turn into a giant cluster. But somehow, this guy from Connecticut managed a bit of the impossible in regards to his "special activities."

In a report from, Jon Lynch from Washington Connecticut got a bit of a break in regards to his pot growing activities after being turned in by his daughter.

The story goes like this: Police say that Jon Lynch had over 18 pounds of pot and a whole lot of guns in his house when they got a 911 call from his teenage daughter. She apparently had it up to here with her dad's pot growing. According to the report, Lynch was charged with two felony drug counts and failing to safely store a gun. The News Times reports that a guilty charge was leveled at him of risk of injury to a child and sale of a controlled substance.

Lady Luck came his way on Aug.18 when he was sentenced to five years probation and a suspended five-year jail term. Kicker of the story is that when police asked him about his grow operation, Lynch told them it was for personal use.

I can only imagine all the guns, 23 of them according to the report, was for protection. Mans gotta take care of his weed I suppose.

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