Wasn't it just 50 degrees out the other day? I woke up this morning to bone-chilling temps in my bedroom. I took a look outside at our thermometer, and at 6:15AM, it was 16 degrees in Waterbury.

On my drive into work to Brookfield, I watched as the temp crept along 84 Westbound. By the time I got to Southbury, it was up to 18. Right as I pulled into the radio station, it got up to a balmy 19.

On the other hand, the Polar Vortex that we're currently experiencing has left the Polar building. A quick peek at the current conditions in Homer, Alaska, they're at 41 degrees, they're 4 hours behind us too.

You really have to go North into the state's major cities until you get to an area that's below where we are today. Fairbanks, Alaska, which is about parallel with Iceland on our side of the world. It's 9 there, with a 'Feels like" temp of -7. All of a sudden, our 28 seems about right, right?

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