Months after a Connecticut man was arrested for bear poaching, a superior court judge has spelled out the final outcome of his act.

You have to be living under a rock to not know that the bear population continues to grow in Connecticut. Aside from the cute pictures all over social media of bears and their cubs frolicking around, there is still a major concern about them and the public. That said, it's never a good idea to take the matter into your own hands.

Back in Septemeber of 2017, we reported that two local men were arrested and charged in connection with the illegal killing two bears.

Not only were residents, as well as animal activists, horrified by the poaching, one local woman organized a protest.

Bear hunting is not legal in the state. Four months later, what is the outcome for one of the men involved?

According to Antonio Lio of Wilton was facing two counts of illegal taking of black bear and one count of fourth-degree negligent hunting. On Wednesday, Jan. 10 a  Superior Court judge in Norwalk granted the alleged bear poacher accelerated rehabilitation, a pre-trial intervention program that will place him on probation for two years. Lio must avoid further arrests for the next two years and his hunting license will be suspended for the duration. After that his record will be erased.

The story in the Wilton Bulletin does go on to say that Lio had claimed to his lawyer that his pregnant wife had seen the two bears near her house the day before the killings, and became hysterical over the sight.

So, on the one hand you have a man potentially acting on the need to protect his family, and on the other hand you have animal activists who feel the legal system should take crimes against animals more seriously. A tough call. I'm sure the woman was scared, but we do have agencies like the DEEP that can be contacted with your wildlife concerns. I still believe that's a better way to go than taking matters into your own hands.

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