Representatives from Connecticut are continuously updating their social media pages as information regarding the current unrest at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. continues to roll out as of Wednesday afternoon (January 6).

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According to multiple reports, the Capitol building remains on lockdown, as protestors breached the Capitol grounds while Congress met to confirm Joe Biden's presidential win.

Governor Lamont posted a video reaction to the current circumstances going on, encouraging President Donald Trump to react to the unrest in a positive and productive way.

Additionally, multiple Connecticut reps took to their pages to provide updates on the current situation.

Rep. Jahana Hayes posted a video explaining what was going on from her perspective, as representatives were being advised to shelter in place. Hayes made it a point to speak about the protestors saying, "people have a right to object, but this level of disruption and violence is unacceptable as part of any objection."


Rep. Hayes additionally went on to update that there was an armed standoff at the House doors.

At 3:42 PM, Rep. Jahana Hayes posted that she is safe and they are moving to an undisclosed location.

Rep. Jim Himes also took to his Twitter page to address the terrible situation and the updates they were getting from inside the building:

Currently, the Connecticut reps are reporting that they are safe and moving to undisclosed locations. This story is breaking and we will continue to update as the situation unfolds.

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