There’s a very happy family in Brooklyn, Connecticut looking forward their first weekend being reunited with their lost adorable dachshund. She’s a 17 year-old fur baby that was spotted by animal control outside of a park in the city; actually in it’s parking lot according to the Norwich Bulletin. She's pretty close to being blind and deaf, and at her age is probably not moving so fast.

Lady had a microchip that helped her return after being missing for five years. The owners first tried to find her with help from animal control, but all the while thinking that something terrible may have happened to her because they live near an extremely wooded area where a wolf may have preyed on her or had maybe strayed into the woods to die as dogs often do.

The family got Lady when the kids were 5 and 7 years old, they’re now in their 20’s. The contact info the microchip linked to was out dated. An old employer got the call about Lady from animal control, and thankfully the employer was able to find and call her owners, and break the news to them that she was finally found. What’s the takeaway here? Microchips are a great thing!

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