The economy must be in ok shape because in Bloomberg’s recent study of dual income couples’ household earnings, Connecticut ranks as number one in the nation, according to News Times. It appears that Connecticut is a new hub for power couples in the United States.

Bloomberg went state by state comparing how much it took for earners to land in the top one percent of income. Not only was Connecticut number one, but also the amount of money needed to make it into the top percentage of earners increased by more than 10 percent from the prior year.

In the study just prior to this, New York was number one. It is now number two on the list. New Jersey maintained it’s position as third on the list. Alaska and Wyoming rounded out the bottom of the list. In this study only income earned was counted, and accumulated wealth was not included. This report did not attribute any of this data to the president because income totals used for the study were from the year 2016.

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