When a police officer orders you to do something, you do as you are told. Even if that "something" involves a stepping aside, so he can show you some funky-fresh dance moves like he just threw down a piece of cardboard on Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx circa 1978.

That is exactly what unfolded during a talent show rehearsal at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School in New London:

Patch.com reports that the New London Police Department had just delivered pizza to the competitors and were watching the dancers practicing their moves. A student named Amir was showing off his best moves. That is when Officer Dyer abruptly ordered him to "Stand Back!" He then entertained the gathering crowd with his own version of Michael Jackson's signature "Moonwalk."

This drew a crowd who began to cheer the officer on, however, the student was apparently not afraid to take this one step further and broke into some maneuvers that he was clearly hiding up his sleeve.

It was clear that Officer Dyeer was no match for Amir and he had to bow down, but it has been reported that he is now sharpening his dance skills for their next encounter.

We'll keep you posted on their next show down.

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