Diversity is not just a buzz word, it's vital for the success of any organization, business or community. According to the Mckinsey Diversity Matters Report:

Companies committed to diversity show a 39 percent increased likelihood of outperformance for those in the top quartile of ethnic representation versus the bottom quartile.

Study results from the American Psychological Association published by the Daily Beast says:

People who live in ethnically diverse communities are less prejudiced toward other ethnic groups. This diminished discrimination allows for higher levels of civic cohesion, productivity, and engagement that can have long-lasting positive ramifications — including building a stronger, more inclusive democracy.

It's pretty simple, really: when you're surrounded by different people with varying backgrounds, you're more likely to grow and less likely to have ideological tunnel vision. I don't want to live in an echo chamber and become stuck intellectually or emotionally, and I don't have to because my city is one of the most diverse in America.

WalletHub just released the results of their nationwide diversity study, and Danbury ranked #10 overall.

Photo: Lou Milano
Photo: Lou Milano

These are the 10 Most Diverse Cities in America:

1 - Gaithersburg, MD
2 - Silver Spring, MD
3 - Germantown, MD
4 - Houston, TX
5 -  Arlington, TX
6 - New York, NY
7 - Jersey City, NJ
8 - Dallas, TX
9 - Charlotte, NC
10 - Danbury, CT

Photo: Lou Milano
Photo: Lou Milano

I'm a Danbury resident, and this is a source of pride for me. I think it should be for everyone in the Hat City. No one ever learned anything from talking to a mirror or sharing ideas exclusively with people who agree with you.

Even if none of the information above is of value to you, consider the food, bro! Danbury's food scene is off the charts; we truly have access to the best international menu anyone could hope for.

Source: WalletHub

How did WalletHub come to these conclusions? They "compared 501 of the largest cities across 13 metrics in five major diversity categories. This article is the fourth installment in WalletHub’s diversity study series."


Income Diversity
Educational-Attainment Diversity
Racial & Ethnic Diversity
Linguistic Diversity
Birthplace Diversity
Industry Diversity
Occupational Diversity
Worker-Class Diversity
Marital-Status Diversity
Age Diversity
Household-Type Diversity
Household-Size Diversity
Religious Diversity

Photo: Lou Milano
Photo: Lou Milano

WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said:

“The most diverse cities demonstrate diversity in many dimensions – not just in race and gender but also everything from residents’ languages and birthplaces to their job types and household sizes. These cities blend together a multitude of different perspectives, helping people to better understand the world around them and become more empathetic. This exchange of ideas also tends to increase the economic success of diverse cities.”

Danbury does it again, a national leader in taking the country in the right direction. Now we just need some quality parking and a few driving lessons and we're getting somewhere.

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