Graduating seniors have definitely experienced a crazy year they are not soon to forget. We can't forget what it took to get to this point; many years of all-nighters, sporting events, creating friendships, having mental breakdowns, and so much more. Although it was a crazy road, graduates seemingly made it through all of that, but many of them won't be able to have a traditional graduation this year.

Our graduates are talented individuals and deserve some recognition for their achievements. They may not walk in graduation, but they'll always have a place in our virtual yearbook!

With that being said, we would like to extend our congratulations to all of the graduates from High School to College and thereafter. Sending good vibes to you as you head into the next stage in your life. Congrats Class of 2020!

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Kristen Caruso graduate of Virginia Wesleyan University
Major in Criminal Justice

Senior year of mishaps.... campus lost internet just before finals first semester and CoVID-19 end the second but still managed to graduate in 4 years!"And will you succeed? YES! You will indeed! Guaranteed!" Dr. Seuss

Ben Gross graduate of Salve Regina
Major in Cyber Security, Dean's List

I am proud of my son for his achievements, Ben will stay at Salve one more year and obtain his masters, then off to find a job!!

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