One thing that's tough to come by these days is cheap eats. The good thing is that there is a special food event in CityCenter Danbury that does what it's designed to do: Catch a hungry man's attention. Now through June 30, 2021, you can get a special dish/item at 4 different restaurants located around CityCenter for a really low price, $25.

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Here's the details - One of Lou Milano's favorite places, Empire of the Incas, located at 241 Main St. is one of the four participants, and you can choose from one of 6 dishes: Causa Rellena, Pollo a la Brasa, Ceviche de Pescado, Ceviche de Camarones, Papa Rellena, or Choritos a la Chalaca.


At the second listed participant in the CityCenter Danbury June 2021 Grub Crawl, The Holiday Diner, at 123 White Street, you will receive a Cheeseburger and a signature milkshake.


The third restaurant, ItadakiMAS, is located at 317 Main Street and you will receive any Sushi Burrito, or Bowl as part of the Downtown Grub Crawl package.


And finally, the fourth stop in the CityCenter Danbury June restaurant Grub Crawl is Sabor Ambateno Bakery, located at 16 Ives Street. At Sabor, you can choose a combination of any 3 of the following: Beverages - Morocho, Jugo de Coco, Jugo de Tamarindo, or Colada Morada. Treats: Pan, Specialty Cake, or Galletas.

These special $25 dollar meal tickets do not roll over into July, you have to use them by June 30, 2021. CityCenter Danbury has another group of restaurants lined up for July specials. If you're hungry and want to try a delicious bite at 4 different places in CityCenter Danbury, buy your Down Grub Crawl tickets by clicking HERE.

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