A mask mandate was reissued for the city of Danbury starting Sunday, August 15 with the possibility of the surrounding towns to follow.

Going into effect at 12:01 AM on Sunday, August 15, all individuals that are in an indoor public setting will be required to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. This issuance follows many other cities around the state that have additionally done so.

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According to the city, the issuance may be revised as needed due to health order, changing conditions, or community needs.

Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo issued a statement regarding the new mask mandate:

"Due to the increase in the number of cases over the past two weeks, and the projection of the Delta variant spread occurring in surrounding counties in Connecticut, we want to get ahead of this variant spread. We are asking our businesses and residents to take these precautions in hopes of mitigating the spread and making every effort to protect our community.

I previously stated that a regional approach would be the most effective way to issue this mandate. After reaching out to local officials from surrounding towns, we are hopeful that Brookfield, Bethel, and Ridgefield may issue similar guidance in the coming days.

I know that we had all hoped to be nearing the end of this pandemic, but I am confident that we will get through this as long as we remain vigilant. Wearing a mask indoors or in large gatherings, along with getting vaccinated, and practicing social distancing remain the most effective mitigation strategies. The City of Danbury Department of Health and Human Services is working to create more testing opportunities within the City of Danbury. If you have been exposed or experiencing symptoms, I urge you to please get tested for COVID-19. Vaccine clinics are available on a daily basis here in Danbury and we will continue to support our community partners in this effort."

Currently, Danbury City Hall was the only city facility that required masks indoors by council members, city employees and the public, but that will be changing at the end of the week.

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