The CIAC, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, just notified all member schools late last week that the start of the winter sports season would be postponed.

The ruling came down with the winter season scheduled to start on November 21, and an official start date is now pending based on guidance from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Plus, all youth and high school sports deemed to be "high risk" for transmitting the coronavirus, will not be allowed to play games for the rest of the 2020 calendar year. Sports like 11 on 11 football, wrestling, competitive cheer, and dance.

According to a CIAC Twitter post, the Connecticut Department of Public Health will review the guidance for winter sports, which for the most part are played indoors, and make any modifications to allow student athletes to participate safely. Right now, November 17 is the date set for the CIAC Board of Control to announce a new date for the start of winter sports.

So once again, the fate of high school sports continues to be uncertain as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the state.

According to, the CIAC released an official statement late last week explaining why they are pursuing this avenue for winter sports.

CIAC Executive Director, Glenn Lungarini, who has been through this before with the fall sports season, had this to say about the timeline for starting the winter seasons:

The CIAC continues to work in collaboration with the Connecticut State Medical Society’s Sports Medicine Committee, the Governor’s Office, and the Connecticut Department of Public Health in planning for a safe interscholastic winter sports season. We appreciate the continued consideration DPH is giving to our conversations, the CIAC and its Sports Medicine Committee will review the latest guidance from DPH and then release a winter sports plan following a CIAC Board of Control meeting on Tuesday, November 17th.

Governor Ned Lamont also released a sports guideline graphic detailing new restrictions for youth and high school sports.

CT Governor's Office Image
CT Governor's Office Image
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