A product that was released about a month ago is being called "Cocaine on Training Wheels" by critics.

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for an investigation into the perils of snortable chocolate, which is a main ingredient in the product Coco Loko, indicating that it acts as a stimulant when snorted.

The New York Post reports that it is raw cacao in powder form combined with a special energy mix of ingredients. Very little is known about this concoction that people are snorting and the senator wants the Food and Drug Administration to investigate and regulate it. According to the Associated Press, the producer of Coco Loko believes the product is safe and effective. They say it's been in use in Europe for a few years.

As a chocolate lover, I’ve heard the term “Death by Chocolate”. Usually it's a rich, delicious desert, but I never thought chocolate could literally be harmful.

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