I had to do a double take at the calendar this morning when I walked into work. As the first one in the building (most mornings), if there is something out of place I get a little spooked.

One could say I was not expecting the radio station to be basking in the glow of a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Yes, that's right Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley is decked out and decorated for Christmas already.

We haven't even had our epic Thanksgiving Potluck yet.

Listen, I wont lie...I've already started listening to Christmas music and maybe I've watched a Christmas movie or 2 already. I've already lit the Christmas tree scented candle. But a full blown Christmas tree up and lit on November 9th, that's a little too early for me. Am I alone here?

We wanted to poll the Hudson Valley and see when all of our decorations are going up.

Carolyn in Beacon texted us and wrote "We are all decorated for christmas...my husband works 6 days a week now so we had no choice."

Diana listening in Kingston shared her decorating schedule writing: "Always the day after thanksgiving. I head to bells Christmas tree farm n cut my fresh tree down n bring her home. I have no issue putting lights up when it’s warm but I wait til day after thanksgiving to light!"

According to YouGov, the most popular day to put up decorations is Black Friday. They also add "Another 23% said after that, but before December 1st."

Is it too soon to put up those Christmas decorations? If you think it is, when is the right time to put them up? Also if you already have decorated, when did you start? Text us through the Wolf Country App or let us know on Facebook.

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