According to the USDA, Perdue is recalling more than 68,000 lbs of chicken nuggets because they may have wood in them. The nuggets in question were produced on October 25, 2018. The nuggets were also reportedly distributed nationwide, so no one is 100% safe.

You are gonna wanna check your nuggets, examine your nuggets, stare deeply at your nuggets. You should focus your attention on the UPC bar code on the packaging. These particular nuggets would have this code:

72745-80656 followed by an establishment # of P-33944

If your nuggets don't have those numbers on back, you are free to get wild. Dip your nuggets in everything you can. Dip your nuggets in BBQ sauce, dip your nuggets in honey mustard, dip your nuggets in ketchup, dip your nuggets in blue cheese, you can even stick your nuggets in the mash potatoes.

It's an odd story for sure. Sometimes chicken is cooked over burning wood, that's delicious. The revolutionary folks at Perdue went another way and said if they like that wood so much, maybe we put it IN the chicken.

After all, "It's the wood that makes it good."

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