This has to be one of the area's most exciting homes. It's in Carmel and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Now, it could all be yours for just over $9 million dollars.

There's an old saying, "no man is an island", but it doesn't mention anything in that old saying about owning your own island, or this spectacular house that's located on it. The official address is 1 Petre Island in Carmel, N.Y. right on Lake Mahopac, but do you really need an official address? The only way anyone, including the mail carrier, can access your property is by taking a five minute boat ride, or, yes there's even a heliport for access by helicopter.

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So strap yourself in as we take a look inside one of the most awesome homes you'll probably ever see.

A Look Inside This Incredible $9 Million Dollar Carmel Home

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