You may think that since flu season is technically on its last legs but even though Spring usually does bring relief from the virus, we are definitely out of the woods yet.

According to a report on, even though the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the flu is indeed down across the country, there is still cause for concern about a second wave. The A-strain H3N2 virus has become less active than B-strains. 58% of cases of the influenza virus were caused by the B-strain which tends to more severe for kids.

Overall, influenza A(H3) viruses have predominated this season. However, in recent weeks the proportion of influenza A viruses has declined, and during week 12, influenza B viruses were more frequently reported than influenza A viruses. The percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza in clinical laboratories decreased. -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The report is updated weekly and is usually about two weeks behind the current date.

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